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Builders & Contractors – Autumn 2017

Builders & Contractors Autumn 2017
Builders & Contractors Autumn 2017






Water NZ – July August 2016


NZ Plumber cover feature on AES at Greenwood Park Holiday Camp, Richmond – May 2016

A new wastewater treatment installation at the Greenwood Park Holiday Camp in Richmond, Nelson, is the largest of its kind to date. The owners of the Greenwood Park Holiday Camp were looking for a wastewater system capable of treating high flows … read more

Or can be collected from a lined bed and used for irrigation by way of dripper lines, if preferred.  A recent installation at Onuku Marae on Banks Peninsula provides an example of how this system can handle intermittent usage… read more

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The Nelson Mail – 7th November 2015

Nelson Mail - November 2015

An innovative new wastewater system is being installed in Richmond Park.  The largest, environmentally-friendly wastewater system of its kind is being installed at a holiday park in Richmond … read more



Water New Zealand – September 2015

water page 1

Waste Not, Want Not Treatment Solutions. As water resources become increasingly important,  the use of onsite wastewater treatment systems that recharge aquifers are gaining in popularity worldwide and new technology is making these more effective … read more


Water page 2

A pressure-compensated dripper-line being installed by mole plough 100mm deep in an orchard  In this case, the drip specification is drippers on the purple pipe at 0.6m centred and rated 3.5 litres/hour each…read more



To achieve the advanced secondary treatment in an AES Bed, it is necessary to create and maintain aerobic conditions that provide the habitat in which the aerobic bacteria thrive … read more




Climate can also be a contributing site factor, with high rainfall in particular, potentially affecting how a wastewater system performs.  On the other hand, in area with dry climates, re-use of the effluent for irrigation may be a preference  … read more


Building Innovations – Spring 2014


The straightforward option for wastewater treatment – easy to consent, install and maintain.  “It’s a pleasure to offwer a system that works for everyone” … read more



NZ Plumber – April / May 2014
New Zealand Plumber – April/May 2014

New way for wastewater.  A passive onsite wastewater treatment system that’s new to New Zealand, has recently been installed aty a Golden Bay property … read more





Getting through the Pakahi soil and iron pan took a little effort … read more 




Wairoa Star – 7 May 2015

EPSON010DOC were delighted with new wastewater system … read more




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