Water Quality and Testing Procedure
AES water quality and testing procedure on Youtube

New Zealand Standards

NZ AS/NZ 1547: 2012 On-site domestic Wastewater Management (many local authorities are still using the 2000 version)

Auckland Council (formerly Auckland Regional Council) TP 58 (Technical Publication 58)

On-Site Wastewater Systems Design and Management
One Plan Manual for On-site Wastewater Systems Design and Management, produced by Horizons Regional Council

Septic Tanks
Lanfax Labs re Septic Tanks 

US Developer & Manufacturer – Presby Environmental

 Harvey Tanks – Septic Tanks

N2P Controls

Enquiry Form
In order to assist you make a decision about your Wastewater Treatment system, we ask several questions below related to the property and its use. This information is required to design an onsite treatment system that complies with National Regulations (NZS1547) and Local Council Requirements, which vary by region. AES systems are designed individually to meet specific client and site needs. Please provide as much information as you know so we can provide you quickly with relevant information.

If you would prefer to discuss it via a phone call, please provide your phone number and in the Comments box at the bottom, a convenient time for us to call you. Or alternatively you can send us an email on

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