A reliable, user-friendly sewage system is just the start of what AES (Advanced Enviro-Septic™) can do for you.

Designed with the environment in mind, AES gives you a wastewater treatment system that saves you money, requires no homeowner inter-action and also ensures the protection of our natural environment.


AES Revolutionises Domestic Waste Water Treatment
AES is a passive, onsite wastewater treatment system developed and in use in the USA for over 20 years with over 400,000 installations.  The effluent is treated using natural bacterial processes within specially-designed, passively aerated pipes laid in a sand bed following a standard local septic tank.  In its simplest form the treated effluent is dispersed passively into the soil beneath the bed, or can be collected and used for irrigation if preferred.

AES provides 10 x the results recommended by the AUS/NZ Standards without the use of power or chemicals providing a cleaner output into groundwater resources and soil.



For black water or greywater chose AES

Your preferred drainlayer could be just a few hours away from becoming certified to install AES Systems – send them to www.environmenttechnology.co.nz to find out more. They’ll even get rewarded with 6 CPD points.